English Language


Learning English whilst discovering a new country and meeting interesting people from around the world can be a life-changing experience. We at EQI are here to assist you in your quest to learn or improve your English language skills through further study in one of several English-speaking countries, such as the UK, Ireland, Canada or the US. Whether you are a high school or university student who needs to pass an important examination, an adult who needs to improve your communication skills for professional reasons, or someone who simply wants to achieve greater fluency in English for conversational purposes whilst travelling, we can help you achieve your goals.

As native English speakers and educators trained in the teaching of English to speakers of other languages, we have the necessary expertise to quickly and informally assess your current level of English. Alternatively, we can arrange for you to take a recognised test to more precisely gauge your level, if that is what you would prefer. We also want to take the time to find out your particular reasons for wanting to learn or improve your English, where you might like to study, and what your personal interests are. Getting to know a little about you is really important to us because, whichever destination and language school you decide to choose, we want to make sure that your experience of learning English abroad is the best it can possibly be.

EQI work with a range of leading language schools in the aforementioned English-speaking countries, all of whom are accredited by recognised organisations (e.g. British Council, English UK, Languages Canada, ACELS in Ireland, and CEA in the US) and regularly inspected to ensure that they meet the exacting standards set down by the accrediting agency. You can therefore be sure that the English language teaching you receive will be of the highest quality, delivered by qualified and experienced native English teachers in small, highly international classes (usually no more than 10 students, often less), and in classrooms equipped with the latest in modern technology. It is usual for new students to be re-tested upon arrival to ensure that your lessons are appropriate to your current language level.

Whether you choose to study abroad for a week, a month, or even one year, EQI can advise you on the destination country that best caters to your interests, and on the types of courses and schools that suit your budget and current English language ability. Many of our partner schools are located in or around major cities, therefore giving you an unparalleled opportunity to partake of the many rich cultural activities on offer. Prices generally include a social programme comprising evening activities, sports, entertainment and a couple of excursions per week. This is a great way to experience local culture, socialise with others, and practise your English!


Language Schools

For adults, teens and children aged 8+. Adults may study all year round but school-age children may only study during their school holidays. Courses can be taken by individuals or groups.

State Colleges

These offer adults and those aged 16+ the opportunity to improve their English before starting an academic programme (pre-sessional course), or to study one or more terms of English in preparation for other work or studies in other institutions. Colleges will prepare special short courses for groups year round, including academic subject content and visits to local businesses (study tours).

International Study Centres

Usually located inside boarding schools, children aged 12-18 can study English alongside an academic course in preparation for entering mainstream UK education later.


These offer short summer courses to students aged 16+ and pre-sessional Academic English courses to students who need to improve their English before starting their foundation or degree course.


Pre-sessional English

If you are applying to study at a College or University and need to improve your English before starting your main course, all our partners offer pre-sessional
English classes that will give you time to find your way around and get oriented as well as improve your English, leaving you feeling more comfortable and
confident when your academic term starts. IELTS Preparation is usually included in the programme.


Summer Courses

There are many types of summer courses now available, ranging from basic general English alongside sporting/leisure activities, to more specialised English integrated with academic subjects that help students become familiar with the subject area they intend to study at A Level or University later. There are summer courses for all
ages, for individuals or groups, all over the UK, the USA, Canada and Ireland. We can help you find the best one to meet your interests, your budget and your


Year-Round Language Courses

These are available in language schools to adults who want to improve their English proficiency and are usually oriented towards exam preparation (for example,
the Cambridge English exams), or their particular area of interest, such as Business.


There are no specific entry requirements for English language programmes. You can enter at any level, from Beginner to Advanced. However, if you are planning to enrol onto an academic programme afterwards, you will need to meet a minimum English language level at the beginning of the English course in order to achieve your target level within the designated timeframe of that course.


Most of our schools offer a variety of residential options, such as living with a host family or in a hostel where breakfast and an evening meal will be provided. Adults may also choose to live in an apartment shared with other students (usually with each having their own single bedroom), or even in a hotel. For young learners (aged 11 to 17 years), we also offer several Summer School programmes during July and August which combine daily Intensive English lessons with a variety of social activities and excursions. Some of these programmes may be based on the private campus of a boarding school with supervised accommodation in a boarding house, whilst others operate on a homestay basis living with a local family. Whichever option you choose, you can be assured that your son or daughter will be carefully supervised at all times.